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Can Not Storage Profile-Based Management

## Introduction: Upgrading your vCenter to the latest version can be an exciting prospect, with the promise of enhanced features and improved performance. However, as with any technological transition, unexpected errors may crop up. One such issue that users have encountered is the “Can Not Storage Profile-Based Management” error. In this blog post, we’ll delve […]

vSAN Unassociated Objects (2/2)

In my previous blog post, which you can find here, I talked about vSAN unassociated objects, explaining what they are and how objects can become unassociated. The reason behind both that blog and this one is a common challenge faced by many enterprise organizations, just like my client’s situation. They manage multiple vSAN clusters, and […]

vSAN Unassociated Objects (1/2)

## Introduction VMware’s Virtual SAN (vSAN) is a software-defined storage solution that provides a highly available and scalable storage infrastructure for virtualized environments. It simplifies storage management by seamlessly integrating with vSphere and allows administrators to create and manage storage policies for virtual machines. However, one challenge that vSAN administrators may encounter is dealing with […]

vCenter root partition storage health check failed

## Introduction Logrotate is a valuable utility used to manage log files on Linux systems. By rotating logs regularly, it helps to save disk space and avoid storage issues. However, even a simple typo in the logrotate configuration file can have significant consequences, leading to disk space depletion and potential system failures. In this blog, […]

Jumpstart plugin autodeploy-setpassword activation failed.

## Introduction VMware is a popular virtualization platform used by countless organizations worldwide. Its Auto Deploy feature allows for seamless deployment of ESXi hosts across the infrastructure. However, no software is without its flaws, and occasionally bugs arise that can cause frustration for users. One such issue has been plaguing the Auto Deploy system when […]

vSAN Policy in vROps (vSAN2vROps) Script

## Introduction Managing and monitoring virtual environments in VMware vSphere can be a challenging task for VMware administrators. One of the critical aspects of maintaining these environments is managing Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) in VMware vSAN. As configurations change over time, it becomes essential to track these changes to ensure consistent performance and efficiency. In […]

Setuid bit Aria Operations SDDC Management Pack

In computer security, the setuid bit is a permission bit that allows a user to execute a file with the permissions of the file owner instead of the user who is executing it. In other words, if a file has the setuid bit set, anyone who executes the file will do so with the privileges […]

Shared Dashboards Aria Operations 8.12

If you’re an IT administrator using VMware Aria Operations (vRealize Operations Manager) version 8.12, you may have encountered issues with shared dashboards after upgrading. This blog post will explore the issue and provide a solution to get your shared dashboards working again. Symptoms of the Problem After upgrading to VMware Operations Manager version 8.12, users […]