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Restart Stopping Objects in vROps

Here is a quick post about a problem I faced a couple of months back. Every now and then I found that there are some VM objects in the stopping state in vROps. Upon investigation this happened due to an patch script, that tries to set the VMs in a stopped state. But somehow not […]

VM Age in vROps

There is a very good article on the Cattle/Pet analogy. I won’t explain it in detail, as you can simply follow this link and get to know all about it. But in short it comes down to this. You take care of your pets, ea. you patch them and add features to them. Cattle on […]

Helping the community

One of the reasons I joined ITQ about a year ago is that they like to help people. That is one of those qualities that really stand out. And often people tell me that I’m a helping guy myself. Specially in these Corona times we have the help each other out wherever we can. So […]

Homelab Upgrade (2/2)

Like I wrote in my previous blog I was looking to upgrade my homelab. In my search for new hardware I came across the Intel NUC, Supermicro and Shuttle. The latter being the one I was planning to buy… until I stumbled upon the Eglobal/Hystou S210. I saw some reviews online and it seemed like […]

Homelab Upgrade (1/2)

At the beginning of April 2020 VMware released vSphere 7. Like any other techie I wanted to try it our right away. Only to find out my homelab is no longer supported. Keeping that into consideration and also the fact that I lost 1 NUC down the line it was time for an homelab upgrade. […]

VMworld 2020

In about one week VMworld will start. This year VMworld will be totally different than the previous years. One major difference, which is in your benefit, is that VMworld will be (mostly) completely free of charge. Isn’t that great!? As you may be new to VMword I thought why not help you. So I have […]

Corona and me

It has been an while since my last post. And while I break the silence I also break the chain of technical blogs. As Corona (the term of 2020) has put the world almost to a full stop. The impact differs per individuals. For me personally the impact is gladly just limited to washing my […]

Trend Micro vRealize Operations Dashboard API

My current customer has been using Trend Micro’s Deep Security Management pack for vRealize Operations Manager. Unfortunately the MP isn’t supported on the latest version of vSphere. And while my customer is bound by government regulation to stay updated, waiting for an update of the MP was not an option. So I was tasked to […]

NSX-v Security Tags in vRealize Operations

About a week ago I got a question from my customer if it was possible to get the NSX-v security tag information in vROPs. I thought this would be something that is already in vROPs natively. But to my surprise this is not the case. I know one can get data into vROPs using API […]

vSphere 7 is here!

As of yesterday vSphere 7 is announced! VMware is putting a lot of information out there. So I thought it’s good to sort all the info in one blog, a sort of one stop info page. I’ll keep the page updated as new information is made public, so keep on returning!   Overview of vSphere […]