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Setuid bit Aria Operations SDDC Management Pack

In computer security, the setuid bit is a permission bit that allows a user to execute a file with the permissions of the file owner instead of the user who is executing it. In other words, if a file has the setuid bit set, anyone who executes the file will do so with the privileges […]

Shared Dashboards Aria Operations 8.12

If you’re an IT administrator using VMware Aria Operations (vRealize Operations Manager) version 8.12, you may have encountered issues with shared dashboards after upgrading. This blog post will explore the issue and provide a solution to get your shared dashboards working again. Symptoms of the Problem After upgrading to VMware Operations Manager version 8.12, users […]

Automating Log Filter Configuration with PowerShell

As an addition on this script which is very helpful in automating the configuration of a Syslog server. This script can be used to limit the logs send to the Syslog server by applying log filters. Introduction: Logging is an essential part of system management, providing valuable information for troubleshooting and identifying potential issues. However, […]

Unmount NFS datastore failed!

If you have vCenter yelling at you that the NFS datastore can’t be unmounted, due to this error: The object ‘vim.Datastore:ds:///vmfs/volumes/NFS_Share/’ has already been deleted or has not been completely created What you could do is run this command on all the ESXi hosts that show up as connected to that NFS share: esxcfg-nas -d […]

Reset Synology 2-factor authentication

This is going to be a very quick post on how to get access back to your Synology when the MFA stops working. In my case, it has a very valid reason not to work… as I broke my phone. I don’t know why the emergency code never reached my mailbox. According to Synology, the […]

DRS vMotion Limiter

vGPUs are becoming more and more common in today’s infrastructure. These new features do not always play nice with other features. As an example, my current customer is using vGPUs in their infrastructure, and they face a problem when combining DRS and VMs with a vGPU. Whenever too many vMotions happen at the same time, […]

Updating NTP settings ESXi hosts

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is used to synchronize the time of a computer with that of an NTP server. It is important to ensure that the time of your ESXi host is accurate, as it can affect the timestamps of logs, system events, and network performance. In this blog, we will learn how to check […]