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Decoding my VMworld agenda 1/3

Welcome to my blog “decoding my VMworld agenda”!

In 3 short blog series I’ll run through my agenda and explain why I’ve chosen these sessions.

Like every year I pick 3 topics on which I want to focus. My 3 topics for this year are the vSAN, general performance and NSX-T. So vSAN and (general) performance have a slightly higher priority. While I have Hands-on experience with NSX-V, I haven’t had the opportunity to do anything with NSX-T.


The first blog serie is about performance.

This year there are plenty of sessions about performance and I had to split my time between vSAN and the performance sessions. So here are the sessions I’ll attend:

Extreme Performance Series: SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP Monster DB VMs [BCA1482BE]

Extreme Performance Series: vSphere Compute and Memory Schedulers [HBI2494BE]

Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices [HBI2526BE]


Why these three?

One of my previous employer had vSAN. Unfortunately we ran into some problems with vSAN. While the main root cause was the intake process, or better to say the lack of an intake process, it was us (the VMware department) that had to come up with a solution. After applying IO limits on 12 large and heavy DB’s (+ 70.000 IOPS per VM) we sort of solved the problem. Of course we needed an all-flash vSAN cluster for those DB’s. It was clear that our hybrid vSAN cluster couldn’t handle that kind of load. So I wonder how other customers deal with these situations and what general best practices are when It comes on sizing infrastructure for high demanding DB’s.

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