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Decoding my VMworld agenda 3/3

The final part of my series about decoding my VMworld agenda is about NSX-T. I have some hands-on experience with NSX-V, but haven’t had the opportunity to play around with NSX-T. I picked three sessions about NSX-T, with the main goal of getting to know NSX-T a bit better. Also I hope to pick up information on how to migrate from NSX-V to NSX-T. From what I have heard there is no migration path available. But as always in IT… things change my the second. So what about the sessions I’ll attend:

Optimize and Troubleshoot NSX with vRealize Network Insight [CNET1960BE]

NSX-T Deep Dive: Load Balancing [CNET1356BE]

Logical Routing in NSX-T [CNET1069BE]


Why Optimize and Troubleshoot NSX with vRealize Network Insight?

I think with every migration the rate of success depends on your ability to troubleshoot, and troubleshoot fast. I hope this session will help in getting that ability. I have some experience with vRealize Network Insight, but haven’t really had to perform troubleshooting with vRNI. By the end of this session I hope to know all the shortcuts in order to troubleshoot fast and good.


Why NSX-T Deep Dive: Load Balancing?

So far the most questions I got about NSX-V are all related to load balancing. I don’t think this will change when it comes down to NSX-T, that’s why I picked this session.


Why Logical Routing in NSX-T?

This one I picked accidentally, what I had read was logical route to NSX-T. Yeah I missed a couple of letters there. I guess I was in a hurry. But lets see what I will pick up from this session.


That’s it, that’s my VMWorld agenda and me trying to make my mark!


Thanks for reading and if your attending VMWorld have a BLAST!

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