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Great month – vExpert and VCIX!

What a month it has been! Full of joyful moments! While we are still in a pandemic every little moment of happiness counts double. But this month brought me three major moments of happiness. The first was that for the second time in a raw I became a vExpert! I love helping the vCommunity out whenever I can. And it has been a busy year. So, getting my second star is a great reward for all my efforts.

The second good news… as of the 19th I’m a VCIX! Yes! That’s right, I passed the VCAP DCV Design exam! I will devote a blog to that later. But for now, lets just enjoy the sound of that… VCIX… VMware Certified Implementation Expert – Data Center Virtualization 2021… ow yeah!!!

And the last but not the least, the one closest to my heart. This month also marks the day that i’ve been married for 14 years! 😀 See… happiness all-around!


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