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Sometimes documents can be vague and you get stuck wondering what the writer ment. The same thing happend to me today. I’m working on the configuration of VMware Cloud Foundation. To be more precise on the integration of vRLI and vROps. I’m following this document

Step 4 reads as:

To connect to vRealize Operations Manager with the service account and enable launch in context, on the vRealize Operations integration page, reconfigure these settings .




User name

Update password





I changed the username and domain accordingly. But whats with the last part, the “@WorkspaceONE”. I tried the FQDN of the local and cross-regional Workspace One Access. But both didn’t work. Then what is it?


Well after some frustration I figured it out. You are required to enter the source display name as entered in vROps. In my case (the default name) vIDMAuthSource



So the username you should configure in vRLI is something like this:


I hope this prevents some frustration, but if a Google search brought you here I fear the frustration is already there…

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