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Resolving FQDN Detection Issues in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle

This is a quick post about an issue I encountered with Aria LCM and Aria Ops 4 Logs. Somehow, Aria LCM couldn’t detect the correct Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the Aria Ops 4 Logs nodes. All three nodes showed as localhost. Consequently, Aria LCM updated the root password for localhost, which was, obviously, Aria LCM itself.

All three Aria Ops 4 Logs nodes displayed their own hostname in vCenter and on the CLI.

The fix is relatively straightforward to implement:
Change the SSH settings on the Aria Ops 4 Logs nodes, as described in this article: 95974

Next, install patch 1 in Aria LCM, which can be downloaded here: Patches


After successfully installing the patch, you should be able to perform a vCenter inventory sync and an Aria Operations for Logs inventory sync. The FQDN field should now be populated correctly.



InvalidKeySpecException: key spec not recognized

Error Code: LCMVRNICONFIG90058
Failed to update SSH password for support user. Retry with new Password.

Error Code: LCMVACONFIG80003
Failed to update the password. You can send a new password update request by making sure the current password is correct and the new password has not been already used.
Failed to update the password for localhost



VMware Aria Operations for Logs

VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle

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