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About me

**Unveiling the Face Behind the “Log Files”**

Hello, I’m Kabir, and my journey into the world of technology traces back to my earliest fascination with RC cars. The relentless curiosity to dissect and understand how things operate gradually propelled me toward an engineering education, specializing in electrical engineering during my college years.

My technological voyage took an unexpected turn when I ventured into the realm of IT as a junior call center employee for a local ISP provider. Thanks to my technical background, I swiftly ascended to a mid-level role. The company later merged with two other ISPs, forming the largest Internet service provider in the Netherlands. This transition opened doors, and I found myself in the position of a senior employee, bridging the gap between the technical wizards behind the scenes and our customers. It was here that I realized something profound—I was a geek at heart!

Determined to embrace my newfound identity, I applied for a position among the “cool guys,” the IT experts who operated in the realm of Ubuntu, Redhat, VMware, F5 Load Balancers, NetApp, and much more. My surprise at landing the job was only matched by my realization that I had some serious catching up to do.

Over the next five years as a Network Operations – Internet Services employee, I embarked on a relentless learning journey. It was during this period that I discovered my true calling—VMware. Its unparalleled flexibility spoke to me on a profound level.

In mid-2016, I leaped into a role as a VMware administrator for a healthcare institute. The prospect of building a cutting-edge software-defined data center was too enticing to resist. The subsequent three years were a rollercoaster ride, from redesigning the entire VMware workload infrastructure to upgrading the VDI infrastructure. But we persevered, and I had the privilege of meeting my current employer. Since September 2019, I’ve been working as an IT consultant at ITQ.

But why this blog, you might wonder?

I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging for a while, but the timing never seemed right. Now, as I integrate into my new role, I believe it’s the perfect moment to embark on this journey.

What can you expect from this blog?

I don’t intend to commit to a rigid posting schedule, promising daily updates. Instead, I’ll share my insights when I believe they hold value, both for me and you.

Primarily, my focus will be on all things VMware (yes, it’s a no-brainer!). This could encompass anything from the latest releases to the challenges I encounter (and, hopefully, the solutions). I’ll also delve into my personal ITQ adventure. Who knows, I might even recount the story of how a die-hard BMW fan ended up behind the wheel of a Mercedes… perhaps.

That’s enough about me and the motive behind this blog.

Thank you for reading! A special shoutout to my ITQ colleagues for their support.


I write from a personal perspective. My views do not represent, nor do they intend to promote or demote, any past, present, or future employers or vendors.