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DRS vMotion Limiter

vGPUs are becoming more and more common in today’s infrastructure. These new features do not always play nice with other features. As an example, my current customer is using vGPUs in their infrastructure, and they face a problem when combining DRS and VMs with a vGPU. Whenever too many vMotions happen at the same time, […]

Updating NTP settings ESXi hosts

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is used to synchronize the time of a computer with that of an NTP server. It is important to ensure that the time of your ESXi host is accurate, as it can affect the timestamps of logs, system events, and network performance. In this blog, we will learn how to check […]

Powerhouse of knowledge

After working for 10+ years for an ISP, I joined a public health and research institute. During my interview with them, I found out they were planning to upgrade their IT infrastructure. That was the main reason for the job opening. Up until then, I worked mainly in IT operations. This was my chance to […]

Mass notification creator for vROps

The VMware Cloud Foundation plan and preparation workbook contains alert notifications which should be configured in vROps. There are close to 40 notifications that need to be configured. If you need to configure multiple vROps installations on multiple VCF instances then that task becomes time-consuming and error prone. So, I decided to write a script […]

Skyline illegal characters

If this is supported or not I have no idea! But I made some minor changes to the Skyline Collector appliance. While trying to setup AD integration with Skyline I ran into a weird problem. While everything seemed okay, Skyline kept throwing this error: A group name contains illegal characters. And: A user name contains […]

Samsung Bixby Routines

Today’s blog isn’t your usual blog about VMware or VMware products, it’s my first blog about a Samsung feature. In the last part of 2021 I started to watch Modern Family and I must say I really enjoyed the show. It was low key to step in and enjoy the often simple humor. While I […]

Who is

Sometimes documents can be vague and you get stuck wondering what the writer ment. The same thing happend to me today. I’m working on the configuration of VMware Cloud Foundation. To be more precise on the integration of vRLI and vROps. I’m following this document Step 4 reads as: To connect to vRealize Operations Manager […]


Yes! That is a strange title, but let me explain. FAT = First Aid Kit which we in the Netherlands is called EHBO = Eerst Hulp Bij Ongevallen. So why the need to be so dramatic? Well I’m getting tried of searching for the correct logfile to tail in case when SHTF (no need to […]