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Deleting old vSAN partitions

In my current assignment I have to reuse “old” servers to build a new VMware Cloud Foundation platform. The servers already have a vSAN partition, which wasn’t removed before breaking down the old platform. But I guess nobody ever does delete the old vSAN partition, right?   I have to remove the vSAN partition on […]

Force NTP sync

Today I was working on an issue with Workspace One Access. The GUI complained that the cluster is not in time sync. That’s strange as NTP is configured like it should. Turned out the customer had issues with a firewall and that could have stopped the traffic to the NTP server. I couldn’t find an […]

Watch VMworld 2021 On-Demand!

VMworld 2021 on-demand video library with over 500 sessions is now open! Here’s your chance to watch any of over 500 sessions on-demand: whether you want to delve deep into a technical breakout session, watch your favorite speaker break it down in that swift demo, or simply follow along a panel discussion on trending industry […]

Again helping the community

I had some spare time and it’s been a while since I did anything with the vROps API. Until I checked the VMware community This sounds like something fun to do. So here is the outcome! <# Author: Kabir Ali – Scriptname: VF (vCenterFinder) Version: 1.1 (Tested) Date: Dec 18 2020 Why: bridrod asked for […]

VMworld 2021

Wauw time flies! Later today VMworld 2021 starts! And to be honest, I haven’t really filled my agenda with sessions. Guess I’ll be hopping from feed to feed! Yep VMworld is again fully online! So quickly create an account and enjoy: VMworld2021  

vROps Cloud Proxy

As of vROps 8.4 the Application Remote Collector (ARC) is deprecated and you are asked to replace with ARC with the Cloud Proxy (CP). More info on this can be found here   I followed the KB and did a migration from ARC to CP. The migration itself was partly successful. That is that vROps […]

vROps Telegraf check Windows Service

Want to check if a Windows service is running with the new vROps Telegraf agent? I won’t discuss how to install the Application Remote Collector in order to install the Telegraf agent. This blog picksup right after the prerequisites for installation are met and completed. I use the following script to check whether a Windows […]

Great month – vExpert and VCIX!

What a month it has been! Full of joyful moments! While we are still in a pandemic every little moment of happiness counts double. But this month brought me three major moments of happiness. The first was that for the second time in a raw I became a vExpert! I love helping the vCommunity out […]

VM latency sensitivity setting in vROps

So I was approached by one of my fellow vROps buddies @ ITQ. His customer is in need to get some advanced VM settings in vROps. So Kim asked me if I had any experience with that. Not with that particularly, but I’ve some experience in getting 3rd party data into vROps. With that I […]