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Watch VMworld 2021 On-Demand!

VMworld 2021 on-demand video library with over 500 sessions is now open! Here’s your chance to watch any of over 500 sessions on-demand: whether you want to delve deep into a technical breakout session, watch your favorite speaker break it down in that swift demo, or simply follow along a panel discussion on trending industry […]

VMworld 2021

Wauw time flies! Later today VMworld 2021 starts! And to be honest, I haven’t really filled my agenda with sessions. Guess I’ll be hopping from feed to feed! Yep VMworld is again fully online! So quickly create an account and enjoy: VMworld2021  

VMworld 2020

In about one week VMworld will start. This year VMworld will be totally different than the previous years. One major difference, which is in your benefit, is that VMworld will be (mostly) completely free of charge. Isn’t that great!? As you may be new to VMword I thought why not help you. So I have […]

VMworld 2019 Recap

It was my second VMworld and the first one with ITQ. And because we attended VMworld with almost 40 people, we flew in different groups. My group arrived Sunday late afternoon. And as VMworld was on our way to the apartments, we stopped at VMworld to get our badges an already score some swag. ITQ had organized […]

Daily VMworld blog

My employer give me the opportunity to daily blog about cool stuff I see on #VMWorld. Here is a recap of day one: Recap VMworld 2019 Europe – Day 1

Decoding my VMworld agenda 3/3

The final part of my series about decoding my VMworld agenda is about NSX-T. I have some hands-on experience with NSX-V, but haven’t had the opportunity to play around with NSX-T. I picked three sessions about NSX-T, with the main goal of getting to know NSX-T a bit better. Also I hope to pick up […]

Decoding my VMworld agenda 2/3

The second blog series of decoding my vmworld agenda is about vSAN. As for the topics I pick every year to focus on vSAN is one of those topics. So I will be attending these 5 sessions: vSAN Operations [HCI1997TE] Deconstructing vSAN: A Deep Dive into the Internals of vSAN [HCI1342BE] Achieving Enterprise Comfort with […]

Decoding my VMworld agenda 1/3

Welcome to my blog “decoding my VMworld agenda”! In 3 short blog series I’ll run through my agenda and explain why I’ve chosen these sessions. Like every year I pick 3 topics on which I want to focus. My 3 topics for this year are the vSAN, general performance and NSX-T. So vSAN and (general) […]