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Automating vSAN Policy Application: Building the Dashboard 3 of 5

## Introduction: As we reach the midpoint of our series on automating vSAN policy application, this blog focuses on the strategic use of custom groups in Aria Operations. Custom groups offer a seamless way to organize specific objects, whether they share the same type or encompass multiple types. In this article, we’ll explore the creation […]

Exploring VMware Performance Monitoring and vSAN Optimization

## Introduction Around 10 to 15 years ago, I was tasked with finding a way to monitor the performance of the VMware infrastructure. Back then, I turned to a tool called vCOPs, an abbreviation for vCenter Operations Manager. Despite its rebranding to vRealize Operations Manager and, most recently, Aria Operations, its essence remains rooted in […]

vSAN Policy in vROps (vSAN2vROps) Script

## Introduction Managing and monitoring virtual environments in VMware vSphere can be a challenging task for VMware administrators. One of the critical aspects of maintaining these environments is managing Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) in VMware vSAN. As configurations change over time, it becomes essential to track these changes to ensure consistent performance and efficiency. In […]

Deleting old vSAN partitions

In my current assignment I have to reuse “old” servers to build a new VMware Cloud Foundation platform. The servers already have a vSAN partition, which wasn’t removed before breaking down the old platform. But I guess nobody ever does delete the old vSAN partition, right?   I have to remove the vSAN partition on […]