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Corona and me

It has been an while since my last post. And while I break the silence I also break the chain of technical blogs.

As Corona (the term of 2020) has put the world almost to a full stop. The impact differs per individuals. For me personally the impact is gladly just limited to washing my hands more frequent and being an all-in-one teacher and parent to my kids. And to be honest I’m glad that I don’t have to shake hands of some people anymore! 😊 And just to be clear I’m talking about the people who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. JAK! But all kidding aside, some close relatives got to see the nasty face of Corona. And while the impact for me is limited, I saw closely what Corona did to others. While reevaluating how I spend my precious (free) time, I decided to make some changes. Of which one is to spend more time with my loved ones. That time had to come from somewhere. And partially that was from my “blog time”. Hence the long time gap since my last post.

As we say here in the Netherlands, we are done with Corona, but Corona isn’t done with us. I think Corona will hold us hostage for a long(er) time. But it’s the human nature to find new ways and to adapt to new situations. And as I’m also adapting to this new situation I hope to free up more time to write again. I kinda mis it! 😀


Be close to your closed ones… but keep your distance so we all stay safe!

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