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VMworld 2020

In about one week VMworld will start. This year VMworld will be totally different than the previous years. One major difference, which is in your benefit, is that VMworld will be (mostly) completely free of charge. Isn’t that great!?

As you may be new to VMword I thought why not help you. So I have created a list of sessions that I would attend . I will try to create a list per category . So depending on the category you choose you will have mine recommended session.


General sessions:

Session Name Session ID Why?
VMworld General Session GEN2859 It’s always good to listen to Pat Gelsinger, as he talks about the future of VMware.
Innovation@VMware – The CTO Perspective OCTO2966 This session compliments the previous one.



Session Name Session ID Why?
What’s New in vSphere HCP2110 vSphere 7 is here, why not figure out what’s new?
Planning a Successful vSphere 7 Upgrade HCP1183 It could be that your company is thinking about upgrading to vSphere 7. This session should help you with that.
Upgrading to VMware vSphere 7 HCP1934 What comes after planning? Execution!



Session Name Session ID Why?
How VMware Cloud Foundation Enables Success with vSphere with Tanzu HCI2181 VCF and Tanzu help Enterprises take that step into the future.
VMware Cloud Foundation and Virtual Volumes: Empower Your External Storage HCI2270 I believe virtual volumes should be used more often. Working with LUNs is so 2005



Session Name Session ID Why?
An Introduction to VMware Tanzu Mission Control: Manage Kubernetes at Scale KUB2229 This year I will focus more on Tanzu. I think this session is a good starting point.
Navigating the Cloud Native Landscape KUB2490 This is step 2.



Session Name Session ID Why?
Update on NSX-T Switching: NSX on VDS (vSphere Distributed Switch) VCNC1197 This year I will focus more on Tanzu. I think this session is a good starting point.
NSX-T Container Networking Deep Dive VCNC1163 Deep Dive sessions are always good to visit. I’ve picked this one as I think it goes hand in hand with the Tanzu sessions.



Session Name Session ID Why?
What’s New in vRealize Operations HCMB1518 Monitoring is key in every Enterprise. My current assignment is fully focused on vROPs.
Automation and Operations for Your Tanzu Infrastructure with vRealize HCP1501 How to monitor a containerized environment?


I realize that I did not list VMware full portfolio, but then again… how many hours are there in a day?


So here is my list, I hope it helps!

More info -> here

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